Monday, 8 December 2014

Life Goals

Hello there!
The writer in me ponders upon the "purpose of living" at several occasions and never have I come up with a concrete and satisfying answer.
However over time, I have realized the importance of having a "life goal(s)"

As per,
LIFE : the existence of an individual human being or animal
GOAL : the result or achievement toward which EXTREME effort is directed

People with wavering minds like mine, often face extreme depression or stress when they do not have a plan in place. I used to wake up tired every morning, as I used to spend nights thinking about what I am living for, what I want to be and what I want my ultimate destination to look like. (For eg : my mom's destination is my marriage, she wants to die after that. Weird right? You now know, why I am sucha creep)

Eg : I want to be an astronaut in the morning and a poet by night. I shift my mind from wanting to eat pizza to wanting to eat dosa by the time domino's delivers(you know how fast these guys are)

With so many options around, for a lot of time I couldn't put a finger on the exact specifications of my ambition. I had a lot of ambiguous ideas, but I wouldn't sit still till I managed to pick those two things and call them my life goals. 

I now know, which road to take, I can now mark my progress on my life goal sheet and make sure I am moving closer to my life goal with every passing year. 

And when finally, I was at ease, I thought of asking you, your life goal and making a blog post of at least 50 life goals. I am hoping people to have varied and creative ideas.

Coming to the rules of drafting the Life goal sheet.
There are some strict rules about drafting your life goals.

  1. It should not easily achievable: What is the fun if it is easily achievable. Life purpose over, you should die. But no, your life goal needs to be your ultimate level of transcendence. Something for which you'll need to strive really really hard. Harder than CA final. *rolls eyes*
  2. Multiplicity: It should be difficult, but it should be realistic. Making a list of ten easy things is not allowed. This is not a bucket list.
  3. It should not be a person:  Come on now, you are heartbroken enough to know that it should not be a person. I don't need to explain this one

I give you all the time in the world to reply to this email. But make sure, you do come up with one :-)

Karishma's Life goals

  • I want to build an old age home in at least 3 different cities in India. And I will not call them an old age home. Will probably name it something like "2nd innings house" or "Old age Yo". It can be anything. Want oldies to learn technology and not sulk about their kids having left them. (Email me for elaborate description of "old age Yo")
  • I want to be a scuba instructor (Don't laugh at the Scuba instructor thing. I am extremely hydrophobic and my mom still asks me if I wore the float while swimming)


Thursday, 12 December 2013


Experience is what you got when you didn't get what you wanted.

You did not leave empty handed. You came out, with a bag full of memories. Memories enough to last a lifetime.